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About ME

I design your own garment and help you to realize your vision.


By sketching your garment you will have a visual exploration before I start making a prototype that will give you an insight into how the garment will look and fell on your body.

I have always been passionate about creating unique clothing. Clothing with quality and that you can wear in different ways on different occasions. Daring to stand out by being my self has always been my passion in life. Dare to stand for who you are and not only be overwhelmed by trends that hide your true self.

I create only one garment in every design. It makes you unique and with me you will discover a whole new way of getting garments that suit you and lift who you are. I also sell items that have been created for exhibitions and they are only available in one design and I do customized them to customers who buys them.

Fashion SHOW

On may 6, 2018 I organized a fashion show with my lovely team where I showed my first coat- and dress collection.

The video will be released soon…

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Manillagatan 32, 702 12, Örebro, Sweden

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